FIFTY FIFTY Members Refuse To Negotiate With ATTRAKT Following First Court Date

The trial between FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT will continue.

The FIFTY FIFTY members have made it clear they will not negotiate with ATTRAKT following the first court date.

According to an exclusive report from TV Daily, the FIFTY FIFTY members have submitted a statement to the court that they have no intentions to undergo mediation and negotiation meetings with ATTRAKT. The first court date was back on August 9 and was attended by both Saena and Aran‘s mothers, ATTRAKT’s management, and legal representatives from both sides. The mediation meeting was held for about two hours behind closed doors, but no agreement was reached.

The court recommended a second meeting by August 16 to continue mediation and negotiations, but the members have since made it known that there would be no second mediation meeting occurring. Due to the lack of mediation, the trial between ATTRAKT and FIFTY FIFTY regarding their contract dispute will continue as scheduled.

Source: TV Daily