Korean Netizens Have Unexpected Reaction To FIFTY FIFTY’s “Barbie Dreams”

The music video for the song was recently canceled.

Netizens reacted to FIFTY FIFTY‘s “Barbie Dreams”.

On July 7, ATTRAKT released FIFTY FIFTY’s “Barbie Dreams,” an original soundtrack for the upcoming Barbie movie.

Barbie poster | Warner Bros

Featuring up-and-coming rapper Kaliii, the song is a fun and catchy electric pop song, perfect for the summer.

Unfortunately, the song has been mired in FIFTY FIFTY’s controversy stemming from the group’s feud with label ATTRAKT. Recently, it was reported that a music video for the song had been canceled in light of the controversy.

“Canceled” FIFTY FIFTY Reportedly Loses Out On “Barbie” Music Video And Several Endorsements Amid Backlash

Despite this, netizens couldn’t help but admit that the song is a bop. Many netizens felt that had it weren’t for the controversy, the song would have helped cement FIFTY FIFTY as bonafide K-Pop stars.

  • “They sabotaged themselves looking for a shortcut (to fame). Listening to the song, had they just been loyal to their label, they would have established themselves.”
  • “This song is good AF.”
  • “I won’t listen to it because it would benefit that fraudster.”
  • “This song is good, ㅠㅠ. Sigh.”
  • “This song would have been a bop no matter who sang it… LOL.”
  • “I can’t even get myself to listen to it, LOL.”
  • “This song is made for Tik Tok (not in a bad way). Aside from whether you like the song or not, it is an incredible feat for a K-Pop group to sing an OST for a movie released globally, but they ruined it… How unfortunate,”
  • “I won’t help the video’s views if that helps that person…”
  • “If they had just remained with the label, they would have been invited to the Barbie event, and they would have become more popular… They seriously ruined it for themselves.”
  • “Their voices are refreshing… If the music video came out, I think it would have been popular.”

What are your thoughts? Check out the song for yourself in the link below.

Source: theqoo