FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena Cried While Telling ATTRAKT’s CEO She Wanted To Return

ATTRAKT’s CEO spoke up.

FIFTY FIFTY‘s Keena cried while telling ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Jun she wished to return to the company.

In an exclusive report from Edaily, they reported that Keena would be returning to ATTRAKT after withdrawing her lawsuit. In addition, they added a statement from ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Jun, where he detailed his interaction with Keena when she expressed her desire to return.

Keena came back to our office in tears and apologized.

She was physically and mentally exhausted. I told her to get some rest and take some time to self-reflect.

She was so sick and tired; just how much did she suffer? Even though it was late, I want to thank her for being brave and coming back.

Right now, we are not at the stage where we can discuss her future activities. Right now, her priority is to take some time to self-reflect. Keena also understands this, and she knows what mistakes she made.

Both ATTRAKT and I will accept Keena back into our arms. She asked to rest for a day or two, then we will resume conversations.

She was a trainee for seven years. She must be very worn out right now because she has been chasing her dream of being a singer for a long time.

— Jeon Hong Jun

Earlier, it was reported that Keena dropped her lawsuit against ATTRAKT, while the other three members will continue with the lawsuit.

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Source: Edaily and News1