Online Comments Allegedly Left By FIFTY FIFTY Keena’s Mother Gains Attention Belatedly

They were posted in August 2023.

FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena recently switched sides, dropping her lawsuit against ATTRAKT. She gave an interview to Dispatch, speaking out against The GiversAhn Sung Il. She explained how she lost trust in Ahn Sung Il, who had initially pushed the members to take up a lawsuit against ATTRAKT. In light of the recent turn, comments made in August 2023, by someone who claimed to be Keena’s mother have resurfaced.

The comments were made on a YouTube channel, and they seemed to match up with Keena’s background. The comments referred to Keena by her real name, Song Ja Kyung, and made mention of Daejeon, her hometown.

Comments allegedly left by Keena’s mom. | theqoo
  • Find strength. This is Keena’s mom. We will go to CEO Jeon. I’m sorry. I think I failed to raise my child well.
  • I’m in Daejeon. I’m running a restaurant.
  • I’m grateful that you helped raise Song Ja Kyung until now. Please take care of her once more.
  • I think Ja Kyung’s father joined. They started the lawsuit without me knowledge. Please help.
  • I don’t know the phone numbers of the other parents. They blocked me.
  • I don’t have money. I’ve been unwell up to now.

It can be inferred that Keena’s father was the one involved in the lawsuit against CEO Jeon and ATTRAKT, along with the other members’ parents. It seems like Keena’s mother was against the lawsuit.

Netizens, who were initially against Keena’s return, began to warm up to the star following her genuine regret and reflection. They also felt sorry for her mother.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • I think I can cheer her on and pretend nothing happened if she joins the new group. Be good to your mom and reflect a lot.
  • Gasp… She must’ve been suffering emotionally for two months.
  • She’s not well and even had to worry so much abut her child. Be good to your mom.
  • My heart hurts.
  • Gasp… Seems like her mom found out about it only much later. She must’ve been so sad, after thinking that her daughter was rising.
  • Sob, Keena, work hard starting from now.
  • Gasp. I’m even sadder because this sounds real.
  • Sigh, it’s a relief she came back [to ATTRAKT] now.

The FIFTY FIFTY members initially took up a lawsuit against ATTRAKT to terminate their exclusive contract. More about the long-drawn battle can be read below.

Source: Theqoo