FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena Receives Attention For New Hairstyle

Her visuals just keep upgrading.

FIFTY FIFTY‘s Keena underwent a huge transformation recently. She had blond hair during her group activities with FIFTY FIFTY.

| we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

Later on, when she returned to the company after the other members left, she was given an overhaul with dark hair.

| we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

Most recently on December 8, 2023, she showed off a new hairstyle. She cut blunt bangs as per the current trendy hairstyle in Korea.

| we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

She looked youthful with pink-toned makeup as she posed in the car.

| we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

It went perfectly with her coord set.

| we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

Netizens couldn’t help but rave about the new style.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Black-haired Keena.
  • I’m reminded of Heize, LOL.
  • She’s slowly finding the perfect style for her.
  • Pretty.
  • Gasp, why is she so pretty.
  • Keena suits bangs.
  • Hurry and find her some colleagues. The company should put in some strength and get her some seasoned colleagues.
  • She’s getting prettier and prettier! The bangs are perfect for her.

We’re looking forward to seeing her grow each day!

Source: theqoo