Confusion Erupts As “External Forces” Attempt To Close FIFTY FIFTY’s Fan Site Amid Label Woes — ATTRAKT Responds

The group’s label previously alleged external forces were trying to poach the group.

ATTRAKT responded to an earlier announcement stating that rookie group FIFTY FIFTY would be closing its fansite.


On June 27, FIFTY FIFTY’s label ATTRAKT revealed that an announcement posted on the group’s official fan site, stating that the site would be shut down, wasn’t posted by them. The label emphasized that it was an unlawful “external party” who illegally logged in and uploaded the post.

Hello. This is ATTRAKT. We would like to inform you about the attempted shutdown of the official FIFTY FIFTY fan cafe that occurred at around 3pm today.

This was not done by us but was done due to the unauthorized account takeover by external forces. We have confirmed that they have uploaded the post, which says they are going to shut down the official fan cafe.

The managing account for the official fan cafe has been recovered, ATTRAKT is taking action as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth fan cafe use and prevent any further re-occurrences.

We would like to give our sincere apology for causing confusion to our fans. [sic]


Previously, FIFTY FIFTY’s label ATTRAKT claimed that an “external party” was attempting to poach the group.

FIFTY FIFTY’s Label Accuses Outside Agency Of Attempting To Poach Group

Then on June 26, ATTRAKT revealed that they suspected Warner Music Korea had colluded with external forces and had asked the distribution giants for a certification of contents. Warner Music Korea has since denied the allegations.

Hello, this is Warner Music Korea.

We would like to inform our official stance regarding the claims made by ATTRAKT, the agency representing the rookie girl group FIFTY FIFTY.

First, Warner Music Korea has been working with FIFTY FIFTY as an overseas distributor since April 1st, 2023. Since the contract was signed, we have been utilizing the capabilities and network of Warner Music Group to ensure the shining success of FIFTY FIFTY and their agency. So, we are very sorry that such unfortunate suspicions were raised.

Warner Music Korea has strived to do our best as a global distributor while respecting the opinions of artists and their agencies, as demonstrated by our various achievements.

The claims made by ATTRAKT are groundless, and it’s unfortunate that they sent a certification of contents.

We arnestly request you to refrain from spreading unverified rumors and baseless speculative reports in the future.

Thank you.

—Warner Music Korea

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: @we_fiftyfifty/Twitter


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