Filipino Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao To Guest On “Running Man”

He’s the next high-profile guest for the show!

Filipino boxing legend and former Senator of the Philippines Manny Pacquiao will be guesting on SBS Running Man.

According to an exclusive report from News1, Manny Pacquiao will guest on Running Man as part of his promotional tour in South Korea. He will arrive in South Korea on October 10 and take part in various promotional activities, one of which is reported to be guesting on Running Man.

The production team for Running Man has since confirmed that he will be making an appearance on the show.

Manny Pacquiao will participate in the recording for Running Man scheduled on October 11.

— Running Man

Notably, the Filipino version of Running Man launched in September 2022 and has already been a hit success, surpassing 15% viewer ratings already. Therefore, there is growing anticipation in both South Korea and the Philippines over the news about Manny Pacquiao’s appearance.

Running Man has had a plethora of famous guests on the show before, from actors such as Ryan Reynolds and Tom Cruise to athletes such as Park Ji Sung and Patrice Evra.

Source: News1 and Xportnews
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