Filipino Businessman Draws Criticism From Koreans For Asking BLACKPINK’s Jennie Out Through A Billboard

Korean netizens agree with international Blinks.

Previously, it was reported that a Filipino businessman that goes by the name of Christian Albert Gaza tried to ask BLACKPINK‘s Jennie out by renting a billboard in Yongsan-gu, South Korea, for $29,614 USD.

Xian Gaza’s billboard | @Christian Albert Gaza/Facebook

The billboard was hard to miss, with the sign reading, “Kim Jennie Ruby Jane, you are my ultimate crush. Can I take you out to dinner and make me the happiest man alive?” He even made sure to pick a location that wasn’t far from the YG Entertainment building to amp up chances of Jennie seeing it.

While international fans were sufficiently disgusted with his antics as we previously reported…

…Korean netizens are similarly appalled by his actions. They are likening it to acts by a stalker.

| theqoo
  • “Jennie has money too LOL how ridiculous.”
  • “I’m going to puke.”
  • “F*ck LOL I hate it.”
  • “He’s doing all sorts of crap.”
  • “What’s his deal…”
  • “He’s a f*cker that goes around asking for money. Barf.”
  • “If you’re a fan, wouldn’t you normally put Jennie’s picture up? Why his own? Barf.”
  • “Jennie has lots of money too, dumb*ss.”
  • “Get lost.”

With looks and talent to boot, Jennie herself has made a fortune of her own. Just as many fans claim, it is unlikely she would be drawn to someone simply for their wealth. On the other hand, such actions are concerning and many are calling for YG Entertainment to step up and protect Jennie. Fans are even more worried as he has done it before to a Filipino actress, Erich Gonzales before in 2017, to which she kindly replied. Fans are calling for something to be done lest Jennie is forced to personally reply.

Source: theqoo


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