Who Is The “Finest Chris”? Fans Have Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Taking Over The Age-Old Debate

“It’s Christopher Bang for me.”

Stray KidsBang Chan has become a leading candidate in the classic debate over who is the “finest Chris” among celebrities.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

For years, netizens have debated over their favorite Hollywood celebrities named Chris, three out four of them being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is the world’s biggest franchise.

The candidates are, Chris Evans (known for his role as Captain America)…

Chris Evans | @chrisevans/Instagram

Chris Hemsworth (known for his role as Thor) and Chris Pratt (known for his many famous roles, including Marvel hero Peter Quill).

Chris Hemsworth (left) and Chris Pratt (right) | @prattprattpratt/Instagram

Of course, there is also Chris Pine (the lone DC hero among the Marvel actors).

Chris Pine | Photographed by Vittorio Zunino Celotto

Netizens once again took up the debate over their favorite Chris on Twitter recently.

Except, this time STAYs had Bang Chan, whose legal name is Christopher Bang, completely take over the comments.

This led the original poster to hilariously inquire as to who Christopher Bang is…

…which of course elicited enthusiastic answers.

Seeing as Bang Chan is known not only for his insane physique but also for his incredible talent, leadership skills, and wholesome approach to life, it’s safe to say he definitely deserves a place among the world’s most beloved Chrises!

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