First generation idol group Sechs Kies member Kang Sung Hoon signs with YG Entertainment?

Though Sechs Kies, as a group, exclusively signed with YG Entertainment earlier this year, it has been rumored that member Kang Sung Hoon has officially signed with the agency as an individual.

Earlier this year on May 11th, YG Entertainment signed an exclusive contract with one of the very legendary first-generation idol groups, Sech Kies, just in time for their 20th debut anniversary. This exclusive contract was signed by five of the six original members of Sech Kies with YG Entertainment for only a temporary amount of time.

Since this temporary exclusive contract was signed as a whole group and not individually, each of the members including Eun Ji Won, Jang Su Won, Kim Jae Duck, and Kang Sung Hoon are or were part of their own separate agencies or were free-agents while only being “managed and produced” by YG Entertainment for their reunion album. Member Lee Jae Jin on the other hand, who is YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk‘s brother-in-law, hadn’t been signed with any agency due to the fact that he was unsure whether or not he would ever make a comeback to the entertainment industry.

On August 24th, however, it was revealed by a media representative that Kang Sung Hoon may have actually signed individually with YG Entertainment during the contract signing back in May, making him an official YG Family member with no other separate agency managing him. At the time, Kang was a free-agent artist who was not signed with any other company and thought it would be a good idea to go with YG Entertainment who was already offering a deal to Sechs Kies anyway.

In response to this news, however, YG Entertainment carefully stated, “We cannot confirm or reveal the details of an agency artist’s contract information,” neither confirming nor denying the rumors reported by a third party representative.

Sechs Kies first debuted back in 1997 with the company now known as DSP Media and disbanded in the year 2000. While five of the six members all went on to continue in the entertainment industry or took a hiatus, sixth member Ko Ji Yong went to study abroad to become the successful businessman that he is today, which is the biggest reason why he is hesitant and cautious on making an official reunion comeback with the group.

Sechs Kies held a small reunion with all six members earlier this year on MBC’s Infinity Challenge after 16 years since disbandment.

Source: Etoday