The First Lady Of South Korea Takes BTS To Dubai In Hanboks

She chose BTS as a representative gift.

The first lady of South Korea, Kim Jung Sook, recently made a trip to Dubai. She headed to one of their new public libraries for a talk. As she discussed Korea and one of its best exports, Korean culture and entertainment, she made sure to bring along a very surprising present for the library. She presented them with 7 dolls from Mattel, of BTS in Hanboks!

She also gave them a pop-up book by Pinkfong, which is one of the representatives for children cartoon in South Korea. Baby shark, anyone? The dolls were only originally available with their stage outfits.

Later on, in a bid to expand knowledge of Korean culture, a collaboration with a local Hanbok brand was launched. This was only available in limited quantities. Looks like the Korean government got their hands on a set.

What a perfect surprise for the Dubai community!

It’s no surprise she chose BTS dolls to give as a gift as BTS is a huge symbol of Hallyu globally. What a great group to represent the nation. ARMYs must be very proud!

Source: Chosun


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