(★UPDATE) First Photos Emerge Of SHINee Jonghyun’s Memorial Service

Thousands of fans are flooding to the memorial, to say farewell to Jonghyun.

SM Entertainment is holding a memorial for Jonghyun at the Seoul Asan Medical Center, where fans are visiting in the thousands to pay their respects.

Jonghyun’s memorial center is being held at Seoul Asan Medical Center.

The memorial is being held December 19th to 20th, allowing both his friends and fans to pay their respects. Jonghyun’s photo, selected by his family for the service was also released by media.

Jonghyun’s photo at his memorial service.

Many artists, including Girls Generation, EXO, BTS, Epik High, and BoA have already visited the memorial site. Some of these artists are still there, staying with Jonghyun’s family for the entire day.


500+ fans arrived early in the morning to attend Jonghyun’s service. They gathered around the entrance and waited patiently to pay respects.

A few fans also spoke to media outlets to express their feelings and sadness at Jonghyun’s passing. 

“The lyrics for his songs are so sad now that I reading over them again. Even his will sounds like the lyrics to a song and ironically shows how talented Jonghyun was. It amplifies my sadness.”

– Jonghyun’s Fan (Korean, Female)

“His music was always a huge consolation to me. I hope he is resting peacefully now.”

– Jonghyun’s Fan (American)

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Source: Yonhap News

SHINee Jonghyun's Passing