Former 100% Member Changbum Shares Thoughts On Minwoo’s Death

Changbum shared his sorrow at the news of his old group leader’s death.

Former 100% member Woo Changbum has shared a tribute to his leader Seo Minwoo after his sudden death from cardiac arrest.

Minwoo in the center with Changbum at the far left.


Changbum posted a photo of him and Minwoo together, saying he hopes Minwoo is resting peacefully.

“May you rest in peace.
I hope you are comfortable up there in the sky, Minwoo hyung
I hope you become a bright star and light up this world.” — Changbum


Changbum debuted with Minwoo as a member of 100% in 2012. After 4 years together, Changbum decided to leave the group while Minwoo continued to lead the group on farther promotions.

Changbum at a 100% fan meeting back in 2014.


But no one could deny that Changbum and Minwoo’s friendship still remained strong. They were shipped together as a cute couple!


Minwoo’s death was sudden and fans all around the world are sharing condolences and expressing grief.

Fans Express Their Condolences For 100%’s Minwoo

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