Former 2nd Gen Idol Details His Scary Experience With Sasaeng Fans

He confessed he had to “yell” and “curse” at the fans to drive them away.

In a candid recent interview on YouTube, the former leader of the popular second-generation boy group TEEN TOP, C.A.P, shed light on the chilling world of sasaeng fans and the dangers they pose to idols’ personal lives. As fans are increasingly enamored with the glamorous world of K-Pop, there’s an alarming underbelly to this universe — one where celebrities’ privacy is invaded, often brutally.

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For any who may not know, sasaeng fans are not ordinary admirers. These are obsessive followers who — in an attempt to get closer to their favorite stars — often cross legal and ethical boundaries. Their actions range from the troubling, like trailing celebrities for hours, to the outright dangerous, like breaking into their homes.

Recalling his early days with TEEN TOP, C.A.P. detailed his unnerving experiences with these obsessive fans.

I had sasaeng fans since early debut days. They would wait in front of my house until 3-4 in the morning.


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The former leader went on to share that the fans would even try giving him things in the dark.

They’d approach me out of nowhere, to hand me their letters and gifts, when I can’t even see that well because it’s dark out. I got super freaked out by them.


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Being approached suddenly in the dark with letters and gifts might seem benign, but when you’re on the receiving end of such advances repeatedly, the ordeal becomes harrowing. C.A.P’s response to the fans has always been strict and rough, according to him. The former idol confessed to “yelling” and “cursing” at the sasaeng fans to drive them away.

From the beginning, I’ve always been against them. I’d yell at them and curse them out so they wouldn’t come. Getting stalked really sucks, and it’s scary.


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But the concern doesn’t end at stalking. What’s genuinely alarming is how these sasaeng fans obtain personal information. C.A.P.’s revelations about the trading of idols’ personal details online are a testament to the scale of this problem.

I don’t even know how they figure it out. But they have my number, and they call/text on the daily.


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The knowledge that there’s a “black market” for celebrities’ private details, where everything from phone numbers to home addresses is up for sale, paints a disturbing picture. C.A.P. even mentioned shocking instances of airport officials trading flight information with these fans. Such breaches not only jeopardize the safety and peace of mind of the artists but raise questions about the very institutions designed to ensure security and privacy.

This expose by C.A.P. serves as a grim reminder of the price of fame in the age of social media and unprecedented fan access. The line between admiration and obsession is thin — and it’s a line more fans are willing to cross.

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