Teen Top

Second-Generation K-Pop Idol Shocks Netizens With Solo B-Side Track Titled “I Loved You XX B*tch”
He composed the song himself.
TEEN TOP To Hold Concert In Taiwan For The First Time In Four Years
Taiwan fans have been waiting for this news!
Former 2nd Gen Idol Is “Happier” After Leaving The K-Pop Industry, Despite Making “Far Less” Money
“I make far less money now, but I’m much happier.”
Do Idols Face Abuse From Fans Of Other Members? TEEN TOP’s C.A.P Recalls Heartbreaking Fansign Stories
The former idol said fans of other members would be hostile toward him.
Former 2nd Gen Idol Details His Scary Experience With Sasaeng Fans
He confessed he had to “yell” and “curse” at the fans to drive them away.
The One 2nd Generation Male K-Pop Group Kim Jaejoong’s Sister Considers Her “Forever Idol”
Jaejoong interviewed two fellow 2nd-gen stars and revealed his sister’s favorite K-Pop group.
The 2nd-Gen Boy Group Calling Themselves The NewJeans Of That Time
“Back in 2010, we were as trendy as NewJeans.”
Former TEEN TOP’s C.A.P Gets Real About Sexual Harassment From Fans But Netizens Have Mixed Opinions
Some think that he is only spilling the beans for attention.
TEEN TOP Fans Outraged Over Upcoming Album’s Track List, Which Includes A “Sped Up” Version Of The Title Song
“Like what in the TikTok viral is this?? Sped up??”
“He Works So Hard…” — Korean Netizens Are In Full Support Of Former Teen Top’s C.A.P And His Surprising New Career Path
We hope he is happier!
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