Former TEEN TOP’s C.A.P Gets Real About Sexual Harassment From Fans But Netizens Have Mixed Opinions

Some think that he is only spilling the beans for attention.

Former TEEN TOP’s C.A.P recently held a live stream that talked about the struggles of being an idol. He discussed the problem of having to sell fantasies as part of an idol group, amongst other problems.

I feel like the word “Idol” isn’t even the right word. It should be “Dancer-Singer” or something. Like, what do idols do? If you think about it… Trainees who want to debut as idols want that because they want to sing and dance on stage. It’s the management agencies who dress them up in such “fantasies” because how else would they make money? And it makes them think, “I just want to sing and dance. I’m not interested in selling any fantasies… But then, all of a sudden, I’m being held to impossible moral standards and unrealistic expectations. What am I even doing?” You know? It makes no sense how trainees, who just wanted to perform on stage, go on to debut just become idols who, then, have to pretend they’re some fantasy boyfriends/girlfriends.

— Bang Min Su

Following this, many agreed with him that the job of an idol can be considered an extreme one. For those who simply want to sing and dance, the additional emotional labour aspect of the job can be challenging.

C.A.P also stated that male idols do indeed face sexual harassment on the job. He claimed that “the crazies” are the ones who carry this out. Sexual harassment for idols comes in various forms, be it verbal or on text through social media, or physically in person.

Celebrities have eyes too. Asking to hold hands or link arms right in front of my salad. The crazies also straight up harass you sexually. Male idols also get harassed. Touching the butt or sticking out their own chests. This is where your mental health starts to crumble. The really weird ones ask you to do all sorts of things.

— Bang Min Su

On one hand, many symphathize with the extremities of the job. Sexual harassment is not acceptable in any case. On the other hand, fans of his former group, TEEN TOP, are questioning why he chose this particular moment to create a buzz. TEEN TOP’s highly anticipated comeback launched on July 4, 2023. C.A.P’s tell-all broadcast was uploaded on July 3, 2023. The coinciding periods angered fans who felt that he should have been more considerate to the group.

| theqoo
  • Just as celebrities have eyes, so do fans.
  • But it really is quite serious these days.
  • If I were sexually harassed too, I think I would break down mentally.
  • Seeing the comments, it is pretty funny to have someone who has been acting how he pleases say this, compared to hardworking idols. But anyway, I hope companies deal with sexual harassment, abuse, sasaengs, and those impure fans strongly. For the sake of both the idols and the true fans.
  • That’s right… It’s become a problem that there is the culture of selling fantasies…
  • Why are you speaking as if you didn’t do any of these?
  • Their fandom was probably like that. I hope he doesn’t make it generalized. It’s not like idols and fans are all one and the same. He’s just lumping everyone together.
| theqoo
  • Seems like he has the victim mentality.
  • I think there’s various types of fans. Some think that since they paid up, the idols have to do what they want. But there’s also many fans who aren’t able to say anything when they are upset with the company, for fear of affecting the artist. Seems like he’s the type to only notice the bad ones.
  • Whatever he’s done in the past, even if someone is saying the right words, the response differs according to who says it. I think he’s pretty consistent with how he’s always trying to attract attention.
  • Recently, idols all date, smoke, and drink. He’s such an oldie.
  • Idk who he is but he’s been talking about idol fans as if they were weirdos since before.
  • Buying into fantasies should be done in private. When they meet the idols in real life, they should treat the artist with respect. Why would they touch the artists? Crazy.

The heated debate sparked by C.A.P is still ongoing across online communities.

Source: Theqoo

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