Former 2NE1 Member, Sandara Park Talks About A Potential Reunion Of The Group

“2NE1 will reunite once again.”

There may be some exciting news for all you Blackjacks out there.

Sandara Park recently made a guest appearance on Mnet‘s TMI News and it was here that the former girl group member hilariously shared some potentially exciting news.

| Mnet

Before we get osteoporosis, 2NE1 will reunite once again.

— Sandara Park

The former 2NE1 member elaborated by sharing that sadly, there are no concrete plans yet.

| Mnet

We don’t have actual plans to do so, but the four of us share the same heart. We all want to stand on stage and greet our fans.

— Sandara Park

Sandara continued to excite fans by sharing her earnest desires about a future 2NE1 reunion.

| Mnet

I really do hope that that day will come.

— Sandara Park

Blackjacks all over the world were heartbroken when the news of 2NE1’s disbandment was confirmed back in 2016. Half a decade has already passed since the unfortunate news, but fans have been holding on to the hope that the four former members would reunite someday.

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While other members have also previously mentioned a potential reunion, Sandara Park sharing her desires with the viewers of TMI News was all that Blackjacks needed to continue to cling onto their hope for a future group reunion.

Source: Nate and Sports Kyunghan