Former AOA’s Kwon Mina Reveals That She Had Been Blackmailed And Scammed By A Fraudulent Part Time Job

They threatened her using photos of her body parts.

Former AOA‘s Kwon Mina recently gave an interview on February 20, 2023, revealing that she had been the victim of a scam. She stated to Channel A news that she had been working part time for an anonymous chat, when she fell victim to fraud.

Mina had started the job on February 6, as it promised to be “high-paying.” The job had her enter a chat room with men, and she was to earn money by receiving “points” in the chat as gifts, which could be changed into cash. Mina had received points equivalent to around ₩8.00 million KRW (about $6,180 USD) in cash, and asked for her points to be converted. But instead, they had asked her to pay additional money in order to process the fees. She had to go through 6 rounds of additional payments to “raise her grade” as part of the requirements for conversion.

Not only that, once they found out that she was a former idol, they threatened her using the photos of her legs that she had sent in the chat room. There are other victims other than Kwon Mina, and the police are currently investigating the matter. Mina was said to have agreed to the interview to prevent other victims from occurring.

Mina had previously already admitted via social media that she had been victim to the chatting job fraud. She claimed to have lost around ₩50.0 million KRW (about $38,600 USD).

Source: Herald Pop


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