Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Pleads With Her Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend And Father To Stop The Hate And Death Threats

“He must be upset because his daughter had her heart broken, but…”

Following the surprise reveal of her new boyfriend — and the online accusation from an alleged ex-girlfriend of his, former AOA member Kwon Mina has taken to Instagram in an attempt to defend herself and the boyfriend.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina (bottom) and her new boyfriend (top) | @kvwowv/Instagram

In the latest update to her feed, Kwon Mina revealed that she has since been “slut shamed” for pursuing a romantic relationship from a DM.

A screenshot of Kwon Mina’s latest Instagram update. | @kvwowv/Instagram

So I’m a slut now… because I only respond to DMs from guys… Where do you get these ideas[?] So far I’ve heard that I’m a whore, that I know how to seduce men, that I’m the one who probably bullied Shin Jimin, that I probably have a dirty past, that I only think  and care about myself and not others, that I should die, that I weaponize my suicide attempts and use them to threaten, that I’ll eventually break up with my boyfriend and  call him names before I try to take my life again…

If you’ve ever DMed me before, you know this. I respond to messages — from both male and female senders — if I find them relatable. I respond to people who support me, and people who have gone through similar experiences as I have. I respond at some point, sooner or later, if I feel like responding. So why am I being slut-shamed for having responded to [my boyfriend’s DM]? Why am I being called a whore now? Why am I being accused of having lured a non-celebrity into a relationship?

— Kwon Mina

Kwon Mina also publicly criticized the handful of malicious commenters who apparently accused Kwon Mina of being a pathological liar — and taking it as far as to say that her previous statements about Shin Jimin‘s alleged bullying are also false.

And some of you are saying that because I have a mental health issue, I made up all the things I ever said about Shin Jimin too. Apparently, I’m a pathological liar? I have medical records from psychiatrists though. I only have depression. I’m not bipolar. I’m not schizophrenic, and I’m not a pathological liar…

Why am I getting all this hate? Because I used to be a celebrity? Because my boyfriend and I met right after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend? Because I’m dating someone who is not a celebrity? Because I sound like I’m hitting on him in the DMs? Like, wow. I sound like that in all of my DMs though. I send hearts to women too. Does that make me a lesbian then? Just what the heck am I supposed to do?

— Kwon Mina

Finally, Kwon Mina claimed that she has been aggressively threatened by the ex-girlfriend’s father. She admitted, “It’s not that [she has] no fault in what happened but it’s questionable why [she has] to receive death threats over the relationship.”

Why is this ex-girlfriend person allowed to send hate my way? Why have I been framed as the bad person? WHY?

The ex-girlfriend’s father is sending me some extremely threatening messages. Why? It’s not that I have no fault in what happened, that’s not what I’m saying. But why is it okay for him to say that he’ll come kill me? Why am I the slutty whore in this story? Why are we talking about my cervical cancer diagnosis, as if it’s because I’m a slutty whore? My doctor can confirm that it’s caused by stress. Why, why, why do I have to put up with all these hateful messages?

— Kwon Mina

Kwon Mina claimed that the death threats have been beyond frightening for both her and her boyfriend and pleaded with the father to stop.

I’m so baffled right now, I’m at a loss of words. I can’t wait for this to be over. And about that ex-girlfriend… To be honest, I don’t know who she is or what kind of a person she is. But I know this: Her father sent me extremely shocking text messages. He threatened me like, ‘If you don’t delete the post(s) in 10 minutes, I’ll…’ And I’m trying to understand. Yes, he must be upset because his daughter had her heart broken. Maybe he wanted to express his frustration in angry messages to me. I’m sure if my father were here, he’d be upset for me too.

Sure… But those messages are way too scary for both me and Joon Young, my boyfriend. Neither of us have fathers, but we have mothers. Our mothers are watching too. We are precious children to our own parents. So please…. Don’t cross the line, threatening us like that.

— Kwon Mina

Unfortunately, the controversy continues to develop — especially as the alleged ex-girlfriend’s friends keep surfacing online, adding fuel to the fire by sharing what they know to be true about the situation.

Source: @kvwowv