Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Defends Herself And New Boyfriend After An Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Calls Them Out On Cheating

The boyfriend has also stepped up, claiming the accusation is not true.

Following the surprise reveal of her new boyfriend, former AOA member Kwon Mina has found herself in some controversy — when his alleged ex-girlfriend (and friends) surfaced, calling the new couple out for cheating.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina (bottom) and her new boyfriend (top) | @kvwowv/Instagram

Via the Korean online community Nate Pann, a friend of the alleged ex-girlfriend posted a massive exposé claiming that Kwon Mina approached the boyfriend while knowing that he is in a relationship.

A screenshot of the friend’s exposé. | Nate Pann

I don’t know where I should begin, but the post title (“Kwon Mina’s Boyfriend Is Actually My Friend’s Boyfriend”) should be pretty self explanatory. Almost 3 years into the relationship with my friend, this guy started trailing off and eventually ghosted her. Then, out of the blue, he popped up on Kwon Mina’s Instagram as her boyfriend. Media started covering their relationship. But here’s what you must know:

1. The guy sent her a DM of encouragement back in July 2020. She left him on read. A year later, in June 2021, Kwon Mina replied.

2. It seemed, from their conversation, that Kwon Mina knew he had a girlfriend at the time.

3. The guy ghosted my friend after telling her he’s sorry. (He’s apparently claiming that my friend isn’t responding, but today is the first time he reached out to her ever. He never “broke up” with her prior to the Instagram reveal.)

4. My friend and the guy both have quite a bit of followers on Instagram and…

5. … their relationship has always been public.

— A friend of the ex-girlfriend of Kwon Mina’s new boyfriend

The friend accused the boyfriend of “ghosting” the ex-girlfriend, with whom he has been dating over two and a half years, and then randomly popping up on Kwon Mina’s Instagram as her new boyfriend.

A partial screenshot of the friend’s exposé. | Nate Pann

My friend Park (born 1998) and Kwon Mina’s boyfriend have been dating for the past three years, since October 5, 2018. My friend was studying abroad in the UK, but she took a leave and came back to Korea in March 2019 to be with her boyfriend. Since April 2019, she and her boyfriend Yoo (also born 1998, and now Kwon Mina’s boyfriend) lived together.

Then, on June 10, Kwon Mina DMed Yoo asking for a sketch. As you can see from her DMs, Kwon Mina also knew that Yoo was in a relationship. I’m going to attach the screenshot of Kwon Mina’s DMs to Yoo.

My friend and Yoo have always kept their relationship status public on Instagram. All of their friends and followers knew that they have been seeing each other until very recently. Only two days ago (thought to be June 24), Yoo left the house saying that he’ll be sleeping over with a friend from the military. That’s the last time my friend heard from Yoo. My friend then found him on Kwon Mina’s Instagram as her boyfriend.

— A friend of the ex-girlfriend of Kwon Mina’s new boyfriend

The post shared the said screenshots of Kwon Mina’s “DMs” mentioned in point #1…

A screenshot of Kwon Mina’s DMs with the boyfriend. | Nate Pann

Kwon Mina: Can I ask you for a favor, maybe?
Boyfriend: Sure, what is it?
Kwon Mina: When you have a lot of time, could you please send me a sketch?
Boyfriend: But I’m not actually an artist, I sketch for fun. I’m not sure if you’ll find it worthy. 😭
Kwon Mina: I’ve seen them on your Instagram and I love them.
Kwon Mina: Would it be too much to ask for?
Boyfriend: I’ll try my best then… I’m kind of embarrassed though.
Kwon Mina: Please, don’t be! And you and your girlfriend are super cute together. Please send me a sketch capturing that kind of love. 💙 I’ll come get it myself when it’s ready.
Kwon Mina: Yay!
Boyfriend: Okay. I don’t know how long it will take, but I’ll give it a go.
Kwon Mina: Great, thank you. 😋

… as well as the boyfriend’s final KakaoTalk messages with the ex-girlfriend between June 24 to June 26 — apologizing for “breaking [her] heart until the very end” — as mentioned in point #3.

A screenshot of the KakaoTalk messages between the boyfriend (left, black bubbles) and the ex-girlfriend (right, yellow bubbles). | Nate Pann

Boyfriend: I’m sorry.
Ex-Girlfriend: I hope you feel better soon.
Boyfriend: I’ll try to feel better.
Ex-Girlfriend: Yeah. Everything will be okay. I’ll try to think of it in a positive way too. I know you said that I make you feel exhausted… That has been on my mind since. I’m really sorry.
Boyfriend: No, you don’t need to be sorry.
Ex-Girlfriend: Anyway, please keep your promise tomorrow.
— June 26, 2021 Saturday —
Ex-Girlfriend: (Boyfriend’s name).
Boyfriend: I have nothing to say right now. I’m sorry for breaking your heart until the very end.

Shortly after the post blew up on the internet, Kwon Mina shared screenshots of the accusation circulating online and clarified the situation in a series of lengthy Instagram updates.

A screenshot of Kwon Mina’s Instagram update, following the exposé. | @kvwowv/Instagram

In response to the accusation, initially brought up by the ex-girlfriend’s friend, Kwon Mina explained that she and the boyfriend started dating “after he told [her] that he has broken up with his previous girlfriend” — and thus, clarifying that he did not cheat on the alleged ex-girlfriend.

I don’t know if my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is the person behind the post, but I don’t want to get hate comments about this and I don’t want my non-celebrity boyfriend to be affected by this, so I’m going to explain myself here. First, I received a DM from my boyfriend. Yes, I asked him to sketch something for me. And I knew he had a girlfriend at the time.

But from what I know, their relationship was already struggling by that point. We started talking more because we found that we had a lot in common and we understood each other’s issues at hand. I felt inclined to him, I still do, but back then I wasn’t interested in dating him because he was in a relationship. Why would I date someone who’s already taken? He said that he would break up with his ex-girlfriend though. I told him that I’d be interested in taking things more seriously if he does become single. Anyway, I heard that my boyfriend, who no longer had feelings for his ex-girlfriend, ended things with her. So only then we started seeing each other.

— Kwon Mina

Kwon Mina also added that while she continues to receive DMs from the ex-girlfriend, she explained the situation to the ex-girlfriend and that it is actually the ex-girlfriend who shut down the boyfriend’s attempt to reach out.

I’m not sure about the details of what my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend talked about, but I trust him and I will continue to see him. I keep getting DMs from this “ex-girlfriend” person, so I explained what happened to her. What has been posted online is not exactly what happened, and I don’t want anyone to misunderstand the situation, so I’m also sharing it here. I hate that I’m caught in the middle of another controversy like this… and I’m sorry. 🙏🏻

Anyway, points #1 and #3 are not true at all. I was not the one who made the first move(?) on my boyfriend. And my boyfriend never ghosted the ex-girlfriend. She’s the one who’s not picking up his calls. After he saw the post, he wanted to talk about it over the phone. So do I, but since there’s no way to reach her, we’re frustrated. Anyway, I hope the ex-girlfriend’s friend would delete the post… because this could definitely lead to both her and me getting witch hunted. I know what that’s like and I’m scared. I wish she would have looked into the whole story before writing something like that.

— Kwon Mina

In a following update, Kwon Mina shared screenshots of the first few DM exchanges that she and the boyfriend had — as “proof requested by the comments.”

A screenshot of Kwon Mina’s Instagram update, following the exposé. | @kvwowv/Instagram

Noona, you’ll have good days that will make up for the bad days you’ve been through. I’ve never experienced anything like that before, so I can’t relate completely. But I was really shocked when I read your updates. You have been my favorite member back when AOA was promoting, while I was in the military. I had no idea you were going through something like that though. Noona, please don’t think about the negative stuff. I hope you only have days filled with laughter from now on.

— The first DM sent to Kwon Mina from her boyfriend, according to Kwon Mina

Kwon Mina claimed that these messages show how the two “started off as friends” at the time when he was, in fact, in a relationship with the ex-girlfriend.

I saw comments asking me to ‘prove’ that my boyfriend is the one who sent me the first message. So here’s a screenshot… though I don’t understand why I have to provide this at all. Is it a crime for me to respond to DMs I get from non-celebrities? Did I ask him out? Did he ask me out? No, we got to know each other first over a long period of time. And I don’t mean that we got to know each other romantically, I mean that we became friends. We went from Instagram friends to a good noona and dongsaeng. Anyway, this ’98 born ex-girlfriend’s friends keep commenting that I’m lying or that I deserve the hate comments. And I’m replying to those comments. But I’m telling the truth. I stole her boyfriend? What do you mean though, he literally broke up with his ex-girlfriend before pursuing the relationship with me. What did he do to deserve this? Is there a set period of time that one has to stay single after coming out of a relationship?  I understand that the fact he moved on quickly might be disturbing to some of you, but don’t make stuff up please. I don’t want to have my feelings hurt.

— Kwon Mina

In addition, Kwon Mina pointed out that as she’s preparing to return to the entertainment industry via her agency, she “wouldn’t have been so reckless to reveal [her] boyfriend if he had been a cheater.”

Plus, I’m signed to an agency right now and preparing to make my comeback. If it’s true that my boyfriend is a cheater and I was in on it, why would I take a picture with him and share it with the whole world on my Instagram? Why would I do that, knowing that it would become problematic for me and my boyfriend alike?

Anyway, none of the accusations being made in the post are true. I’m getting so much heat for this already, so much hate, but I have nothing to hide. Maybe I developed feelings for him before he became single. But did I show them? Did I pursue him? No. And besides, would I have ever fallen for a man who’s committed to someone else? No. This is so frustrating. Anyway, I hope my updates help you understand. But I fear that whatever I write will only create bigger problems. And I guess that’s my fault, I’m sorry. Just know that I did not start dating him when he was in a relationship. He did not cheat on his ex-girlfriend. I don’t know what the ex-girlfriend wants out of the Nate Pann post and why her friends are attacking me with malicious comments… but I’m personally responding because I can’t understand. I spoke with my agency about this.

— Kwon Mina

Wrapping up, Kwon Mina claimed that her boyfriend is also aware of what’s going on and that he too will be sharing a statement soon. She warned the malicious commenters that she will proceed to take legal action if the unverified rumors and hate comments continue.

My boyfriend is aware of everything that is happening right now. He’s also reading the hateful comments that are being left for him. He’s broken, but he would like to share a statement soon to clarify the misunderstandings. I told him he should. Following that, if we continue to receive malicious comments, I will take legal action. I trust my boyfriend, and I hope you all can trust me. I apologize again for causing a ruckus online. And while it may be true that he moved on from his previous relationship quite quickly, it is absolutely not true that he cheated on his ex-girlfriend.

— Kwon Mina

An Instagram account, @buffalooooo__, said to belong to the boyfriend now displays the said “statement” which, again, clarifies that he broke up with the ex-girlfriend prior to developing a romantic relationship with Kwon Mina.

A screenshot of Kwon Mina’s boyfriend’s Instagram update, following the exposé. | @buffalooooo__/Instagram

Hello, I’m Yoo Joon Young — Kwon Mina noona‘s current boyfriend. I’m posting this to clarify all the malicious rumors being spread and attacking my girlfriend and me. First, I want to make it clear that I broke up with my ex-girlfriend via a phone call. I was single when I pursued Kwon Mina and we began dating. I messaged my ex-girlfriend on the  next day following the exposé — and I tried calling her about what has happened since. But she is not responding. Anyway, I would like the unverified rumors to stop circulating. I decided to speak up because it only makes sense that I confirm myself. I hope there is no more to misunderstand.

— Kwon Mina’s boyfriend, Yoo Joon Young

Since Kwon Mina and the boyfriend’s response to the exposé, neither the ex-girlfriend nor the ex-girlfriend’s friend has commented.

Source: Nate Pann