Former AOA Member And Actress, Yuna Is Now A Certified Yoga Instructor

Yes, you go girl!

Former AOA member Yuna is making moves outside of her idol member days!

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It’s been over two months since Yuna officially announced to her fans that she would be leaving AOA and her label of 8 years, FNC Entertainment. While there hasn’t been many updates on the former girl group member, she just took to her Instagram page to update her followers on a recent endeavor.

| @yn_s_1230/Instagram

On February 8th, Yuna posted a couple of photos that deeply excited her fans. The first photo she posted was a picture of a yoga instructor certification. She captioned it with,

| @yn_s_1230/Instagram

Slowly, slowly, everything will pile up.

— @yn_s_1230/Instagram

The next photo in her upload was an impressive picture of Yuna doing a yoga headstand, along with numerous other yogis.

| @yn_s_1230/Instagram

This is a huge accomplishment by the former AOA member since becoming proficient in a hobby is not an easy feat! The certificate that she shared with her fans show off that she had to complete 200 hours of yoga teacher training. This shouldn’t come too big of a surprise to fans since the former girl group member is known for her exercise regime and fit physique.

| @yn_s_1230/Instagram

While we miss seeing Yuna performing on stage, we are glad to see her doing well. Congratulations to Yuna for getting her yoga instruction certification! In the meanwhile, if you are having Yuna withdrawals, you can watch the former AOA member on her YouTube channel, here!

Source: Nate and Tistory


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