Former THE BOYZ Member Is Taking Heat For His “Robot Acting” In Recent BL Drama

Some people thought he was dubbed.

Heo Hyunjoon, who is a former member of THE BOYZ, appears in the recent BL (boys love) drama, Color Rush, which is about a boy who is colorblind only to see color in when he’s with his destined partner.

But upon the premiere of the web drama, clips of Heo Hyunjoon’s acting began trending online due to his “robot” acting ability.

“Color Rush” | Line TV

With many criticizing it.

  • I thought he was dubbed, but that’s actually him.
  • I want to see him as an idol again.
  • I thought he was doing a good job acting like a robot, but I realized he’s not a robot.
“Color Rush” | Line TV

In the particular clip that has gone viral, Heo Hyunjoon displayed what many think was awkward acting and a lack of emotional expression.

“Color Rush” | Line TV

Despite the heat that Heo Hyunjoon is facing for his acting style, the drama gained much popularity to the point of many asking for a second season.

“Color Rush” | Line TV

Watch the full clip below:

Source: Insight