Former BTOB Member Ilhoon Admits To Charges Of Purchasing And Using Marijuana

He spent over $100,000.

Former BTOB member Ilhoon has admitted to all charges of marijuana purchasing and usage, with prosecution revealing he and his acquaintances purchased and used it 161 times over 3 years.

Ilhoon’s first trial for his marijuana charges was held today at the Seoul Central District Court and during the trial, he admitted to the charge of habitual marijuana usage and apologized for his actions.

The defendant, Jung Ilhoon, conspired with seven other people between July 5, 2016 and January 9, 2019 to send ₩133 million KRW ($119,193 USD) to an unnamed party 161 times in exchange for a total of 820 grams of marijuana.

The money was exchanged for both marijuana and liquid marijuana, and during that same timespan, marijuana was smoked 161 times.

— Prosecution

Speaking on behalf of Ilhoon, his lawyer revealed Ilhoon acknowledged all charges, and apologized.

The defendant acknowledges all of the charges, and is reflecting on his actions.

— Ilhoon’s lawyer

Ilhoon also personally apologized during the trial.

I am truly reflecting on my actions. I am very sorry.

— Ilhoon

The court stated that it would be difficult to end the trial without further review as there is a vast amount of evidence to sort through. Ilhoon’s next trial will be held on May 20.

Back in December 2020, Ilhoon was accused of habitually using marijuana. Following the report, Cube Entertainment announced he would no longer be part of BTOB.

Source: News1 and SBS