Former GFRIEND Members Reunite At A Wedding 6 Months Following Their Disbandment

Naturally, tears were shed.

It’s already been 6 months since girl group GFRIEND disbanded back in May 2021 and so far, we have yet to hear about a full group reunion—until now. On a random YouTube channel, a video of all 6 former members at a wedding has started to spread like wildfire.

GFRIEND | Source Music

Upon further investigation, it’s been reported that the former GFRIEND members attended the wedding of their former hairstylist back in October.

Former GFRIEND members at their hairstylist’s wedding | @슈가파우떰/YouTube

In an effort to celebrate their hairstylist’s wedding, the former girl group sang “Me Gustas Tu”—which erupted Yerin into immediate tears. As soon as the lighthearted, nostalgic introduction began, Yerin couldn’t help herself as she turned away to wipe her tears. Umji, who noticed Yerin’s tears, was quick to pull her into a quick hug.

And as the song continued, it seemed that the nostalgia brought forth by the former girl group’s hit song was too much for Yerin to handle, as she continued to wipe away her flowing tears.

However, It wasn’t just Yerin and the members who instantly felt a wave of emotions following the start of the song. Netizens who viewed the short clip began to leave their comments of love, support, and nostalgia under the video.

| @슈가파우떰/YouTube
  • “We know that the disbandment wasn’t your guys’ doing. It’s been hard for you guysㅠ Buddys believe in GFRIEND. Please be happy from now on. We love you.”
  • “ㅠㅠ they just proved that the disbandment wasn’t because the members wanted it…we miss you guysㅜㅜ”
  • “I am getting teary..ㅠㅠ please be happy always. I hope that you guys will be fruitful in your career~ so let’s listen to GFRIEND’s desires!”
  • “I’m sure the tears could be from the fact that they haven’t seen their hairstylist in awhile, but in the midst of those emotions, I get a feeling that they’re experiencing nostalgia from singing ‘Me Gustas Tu’ as 6 members again..during those times, they were still kids just singing, but now that I listen back to the song, it’s sad. ‘I will save these cherished memories deeply. Please love me more than before.’ We will save these cherished memories deeply. We will love you guys more than before….”
| Source Music

Previously, Source Music confirmed that all 6 members of GFRIEND would be leaving the label after failing to agree on contract negotiations. And while the news of an official disbandment was never stated, three of the former members SinBEunha, and Umji were confirmed to be re-debuting in a new group together under their new agency, Big Planet Made—all but confirming GFRIEND’s disbandment.

SinB (left), Eunha (middle), and Umji (right) | @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

You can watch the entire clip of the recent GFRIEND reunion down below.

Source: WikiTree


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