Former GLAM Member Has Reportedly Made A Whopping $600,000 As A Broadcast Jockey

She was in HYBE Label’s (Big Hit) first ever girl group.

Former GLAM member Dahee, who now goes by Kim Si Won is the latest celebrity to join the popular video streaming platform, AfreecaTV. She has joined thousands of the other broadcast jockeys (BJ) to begin her streaming career and it looks like her endeavors are going remarkably well.

Kim Si Won during a livestream | AfreecaTV

While dressed in more racier clothing, the former girl group member uploads singing, dancing, and talking content that has become widely popular on the streaming platform. Thanks to these live videos, it’s been reported that the former girl group member has made an impressive amount of money in star balloon currency thus far.

“Star balloons” are a digital currency that are used on the site and they are usually gifted to the BJs by their viewers. These balloons can then be exchanged and withdrawn for cash, allowing AfreecaTV BJs to make a sizable income from their streaming services.

In the case of Kim Si Won, she has reportedly earned a total of 10,079,028 star balloons during her 3 year AfreecaTV BJ career. Star balloons are worth ₩100 KRW (about $0.09 USD) each, which means she has earned approximately ₩1.01 billion KRW (about $867,000 USD) in star balloon currency. This means that after the 30% commission that AfreecaTV takes from the overall revenue, Kim Si Won got to take home around ₩700 million KRW (about $602,000 USD) worth of star balloons.

What’s even more shocking is the fact that this does not include any additional donations she may have received through the streaming platform. In addition to that, Kim Si Won is also an active YouTuber, which means that her income is even higher than what’s reported.

Kim Si Won’s AfreecaTV star balloon ranking, highlighted in red by Koreaboo | AfreecaTV

Kim Si Won debuted with GLAM as Dahee under Big Hit Entertainment (now known as HYBE Labels) back in 2012, marking the label’s first ever girl group. Just two years after their debut, however, she made headlines for being involved in the Lee Byung Hun blackmailing scandal, where she attempted to extort ₩5.83 billion KRW (about $5.02 million USD) from the actor using an illegally obtained video. She was sentenced to one year in prison for her part in the extortion, which ultimately led to the disbandment of GLAM.

GLAM, Kim Si Won (Dahee) second from the right.

While her debut on AfreecaTV was negatively received in the beginning due to her former scandal, it looks like Kim Si Won has is making her mark in the live streaming industry.

Source: Money Today