Former iKON Member B.I Deletes His Instagram Apology Post And Updates Fans With Brand New Pictures

Could this be his return to the social media platform? Fans remain hopeful.

After admitting his drug use in June 2019, former iKON member B.I withdrew from the group and remained inactive for most of the year.

B.I in June 2019. | News1

Before he disappeared from the public eye, B.I posted an apology on his Instagram account — saying sorry and goodbye to his fans.

… I am extremely embarrassed and sorry towards all of our fans and our members, who are deeply disappointed and hurt by my wrong words and actions. I will humbly reflect upon my wrongdoings and withdraw from the team. I sincerely bow my head in apology once again to our fans and our members. I’m sorry.

— B.I

Then, as of September 2020, B.I was announced the newly appointed executive director of IOK Company, home to numerous celebrities. Since the news, his fans have been thrilled to know that B.I is continuing to pursue his new career path in the industry.

| IOK Company

And finally, on October 23, B.I updated his Instagram for the first time since his withdrawal from the group! The apology has since been deleted and his feed remained quiet until…

B.I’s Instagram feed. | @shxxbi131/Instagram

… he uploaded two pictures, full of autumn vibes — with no caption. In one of the pictures, B.I can be seen posing, captured in the reflection from a puddle. This pleasant surprise is leaving fans with all kinds of feelings…


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A post shared by 김한빈 비아이 (@shxxbi131) on

… as they speculate the fresh update to be B.I responding to their celebration of his birthday on October 22.

Picture of a bench B.I posted. | @shxxbi131/Instagram

They remain hopeful that the Instagram post marks the beginning of his return to the platform and eventually the K-Pop scene.

Source: Insight and @hourlyhanbin
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