Former IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon Discusses Her Future As A Singer

She is thriving as an actress right now.

Former IZ*ONE member Kang Hyewon, who is active as an actress, talked about her future career plans.

Kang Hyewon | @hyemhyemu/Instagram

On December 15, Kang Hyewon attended an interview for the new Coupang Play series Boyhood, starring Kang Hyewon, Im Si Wan, Lee Sun Bin, and Lee Si Woo.

Im Si Wan, Lee Si Woo (top row), Kang Hyewon, and Lee Sun Bin (bottom row) | @hyemhyemu/Instagram

Through the audition program Produce 48, Kang Hyewon debuted as a K-Pop idol in IZ*ONE and later transitioned to acting. When asked how she switched careers, she shared that she decided to challenge herself after finding acting opportunities.

Fortunately, I had many opportunities [to act], and since it was a field I was interested in, I decided to challenge myself.

— Kang Hyewon

IZ*ONE | Off the Record Entertainment

She also shared what motivated her to pursue acting more seriously.

When I was active as a singer, I experienced various emotions through the fans. As an actress, people experience various emotions through me, so I feel like I work harder and am more sincere so that they can feel a lot of emotions.

— Kang Hyewon

Kang Hyewon in “Boyhood” | Coupang Play

Kang Hyewon was also asked if she had dreamt of becoming an actress more than a singer. She replied that that wasn’t the case and revealed her plans for her music career.

I don’t have any plans for singing activities. Instead of lingering feelings, I have good memories and emotions. I do think it would be nice to do [music] again someday.

— Kang Hyewon

| TV Daily

Although she has no specific plans to pursue a music career, she isn’t completely giving up on music and hopes the day will come when she can work on music again.

For now, she is focusing on her acting and hopes to play a comedic role one day.

I usually like comedy, so even though I’m not a funny person in real life, I think it would be nice to try a funny role.

— Kang Hyewon

Im Si Wan (left) and Kang Hyewon (right) in “Boyhood” | Coupang Play

In Boyhood, Kang Hyewon plays the role of Kang Sun Hwa, a girl who captivates Jang Byeong Tae (played by Im Si Wan) with her natural beauty. Boyhood premiered on Coupang Play on November 24 and is currently available for streaming.

Source: Xsports News