Former KARA Members Come Together To Bid Farewell To Goo Hara

They came to say their last goodbyes.

Former KARA members Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon, Nicole, Kang Ji Young, and Heo Young Ji all came together to bid Goo Hara farewell.


The members are still in a great deal of shock from the news as they have continued to keep in contact with each other even after the disbandment of the group. They were known to meet up together whenever they were free to talk about their activities.


All the members rushed to her funeral upon hearing the news. Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon and Heo Young Ji, who are promoting in Korea, came right away. Nicole and Kang Ji Young, who are promoting in Japan, also came as soon as they could. All the members canceled their scheduled activities to stay by her side. They stayed until the day of the last memorial service on November 27. They did not hold back their tears as they sent off their precious member.


A separate memorial service was held for fans to come and pay their respects. Family and close friends attended a private funeral at a different location.


Goo Hara was found passed away in her Cheongdam-dong house on November 24. Police did not find any criminal acts surrounding the case and did not conduct an autopsy.

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Source: theqoo