Former KARA Members Share Poignant Messages As They Remember Goo Hara

They shared how much they love and miss her.

Former KARA members Seong Yeon and Nicole released poignant tribute messages to Goo Hara on their Instagram accounts as they continue to deal with their grief over their friend’s untimely passing.

Seong Yeon shared multiple photos of her and Hara on her Instagram, looking happy and carefree as she reminisced good times with her friend.

Seong Yeon’s heart-rending caption was a sad, but beautiful, message to Hara.

I have so many things on my mind, but none of them mean anything anymore… Hara, dear Hara. I will work hard and live on so more people can remember you for a long time. Please rest in peace, until we meet again. I’m going to tell you how much I love you when we meet again.

Nicole also shared many photos of Hara, including sweet pictures of the two together.

Nicole captioned her touching photo tribute to Hara as follows:

My beloved Hara. I miss your silly smile and laughter so much. When we meet again, we’ll have so much to talk about… Right? Until then, please rest in peace. I’m going to give you the biggest hug when I see you again. I love you.

As Goo Hara’s friends and loved ones continue to process their grief, we continue to send our deepest heartfelt condolences and healing energy their way.

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Source: wowkorea

Goo Hara's Passing

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