Goo Hara’s Brother Asks The Public To Not Let The Fight For The “Goo Hara Act” Fizzle Out

“I still haven’t been able to let my sister go in peace.”

Goo Hara‘s older brother, Goo Ho In, is asking the public to not forget about the continuing fight for the “Goo Hara Act”. The act calls for parents who neglect and abandon their children to be banned from claiming inheritance upon their children’s deaths.

Ho In began this act after their mother, who abandoned the family when the siblings were just children, started claiming her half of Goo Hara’s wealth after she died. He believes that the mother should not be entitled to Hara’s wealth since she failed to raise them at all since they were young.

During a recent meeting about the “Goo Hara Act”, Ho In reemphasized the need for the law and how their mother has no right to claim what Hara has left behind for her family.

I still haven’t been able to let my sister go in peace. My sister and I have lived over 20 years without our mother since she abandoned us.

Our mom doesn’t know the pain we suffered while growing up, but she’s trying to inherit my sister’s wealth after her death.

— Goo Ho In

He also referred to the tragic Sewol Ferry Scandal where hundreds of young students passed away. That had also led to many cases where parents who had abandoned their children claimed inheritances from their deaths.

Goo Ho In asked the public to help him continue the fight and not let the issue fizzle out so that no more victims will arise from the outdated inheritance laws.

My heart is very heavy. The laws need to change just as much as the society continues to change. If nothing changes even after numerous events uncovered an issue, then a 2nd and 3rd situation like Goo Hara will happen.

I hope that no more victims will face this pain and that they won’t be forgotten. We’ve come this far thanks to a lot of support. I hope a wise choice will be made to create a new inheritance law that properly reflects the new era.

— Goo Ho In

Goo Hara had passed away last November, leaving a fairly large sum of wealth and properties behind. The law claims that the parents split their children’s wealth evenly, but Goo Ho In is fighting to prevent their neglecting mother from benefiting from Hara’s hard work, pain, and sacrifice.

Source: Star News

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