Goo Hara’s Biological Mother Reveals How She Plans To Spend The Inheritance Money

“I don’t even know how much the inheritance is.”

In a recent episode of JTBC‘s Lee Kyu Yeon’s Spotlight, late Goo Hara‘s mother appeared in front of the camera for the first time since Goo Hara’s passing and talked about the inheritance and what she plans to do it with it if she wins in court.

On the show, Goo Hara’s biological mother claimed that she had a fond relationship with Goo Hara that the family didn’t know about despite what Goo Hara’s brother, Goo Ho In, as well as her diary entries, suggest.

On the other hand, Goo Ho In refuted the mother’s claims.

My little sister was very sick and suffered from depression, but the doctor suggested that she meet her mother thinking that it could help her heal.

— Goo Ho In

And a friend of the mother who was there when late Goo Hara met her mother again shared what she witnessed at the gathering.

I thought the mother would hug her and treat her warmly. But she brought all her friends to the gathering. It wasn’t supposed to be a party. But it almost seemed as though she wanted to brag to everybody she knew since Goo Hara was a celebrity.

— Goo Hara’s Mother’s Friend

Furthermore, she added that Goo Hara was shocked that her mother never visited her when she only lived 10 minutes away by car.

Following Goo Hara’s passing, the news of her biological mother demanding half of her inheritance made headlines. But the mother stressed that the real story is different.

My big sister told me, ‘Since you don’t know anything about the law, maybe you should go see a lawyer.’ Do you really think I care about an inheritance when my daughter died? I still don’t know much about it. I don’t even know how much inheritance there is that I might get.

— Goo Hara’s Biological Mother

She also went on to clarify,

What parent wouldn’t want to raise their own children? It’s just that I was kicked out with one bag, so I was in no position to raise anybody.

— Goo Hara’s Biological Mother

But what gained particular attention was when Goo Hara’s mother suggested what she could do with the inheritance in the case that she got it and asked the reporter to propose it to Goo Ho In.

If I let go of the entire inheritance, I won’t have any money. So I’ll spend some of it on legal and child rearing expenses and donate the rest to society.

— Goo Hara’s Biological Mother

In response, Goo Ho In replied,

I’m planning to establish a foundation and use the money to help many people. Once I establish the foundation, we’ll see whether or not she donates any of it.

— Goo Ho In

Source: Dispatch

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