Late Goo Hara’s Aunt Takes Her Sister’s Side In The Ongoing Inheritance Dispute

Late Goo Hara’s aunt explained why late Goo Hara’s biological mother should get some of the inheritance.

On a recent episode of TV Joseon‘s Investigative Journalism Seven, late Goo Hara‘s biological mother as well as her sister and Goo Hara’s aunt expressed their opposition against the Goo Hara Act.

The “Goo Hara Act” is an effort to make a parent who failed to properly protect their direct descendant and fulfill their duties as caregiver ineligibility for inheritance.

And late Goo Hara’s biological mother and aunt are against it as they want a share of the inheritance as well.

Late Goo Hara’s biological mother, Ms. A argued,

All families have their own reasons, and they all have something to say. We all have something to say, but we don’t. We just keep our mouths shut.

— Ms. A

She also attempted to justify why she abandoned Goo Hara when she was little.

What I did wrong at the time was not taking her with me when I left. I couldn’t contact her and her brother growing up because I was in financial difficulty and my body hurt.

— Ms. A

And she explained that the reason why she hired a lawyer and demanded half of late Goo Hara’s inheritance was her sister, Ms. B.

She called me and said, ‘Since it’s come to this, I know a lawyer. Call them first.

— Ms. B

In response, Ms. B clarified her stance.

I wanted to send Hara off formally in a good way, but we got kicked out. That’s when Ms. A cried. I got pissed off after that. So I called my lawyer and told them that they likely kicked us out because they think we’re greedy. And they told me that these days, the law makes it so that the parents share the inheritance.

— Ms. B

And when the producer questioned late Goo Hara’s aunt if she thinks the biological mother has the right to receive the inheritance, she took her sister’s side.

We need to follow the law of the country. It’s not like she was born all by herself. I think both parents should split the inheritance.

— Ms. B

Goo Hara passed away last November, and her biological mother made the headlines after she demanded half of her inheritance despite not having been in the picture for most of late Goo Hara’s life.

Late Goo Hara’s brother, Goo Ho In is currently in the process of passing the Goo Hara act to protect future victims.


Source: Insight

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