Former LIGHTSUM’s Jian Posts Handwritten Letter Online After Leaving The Group

This is not the end!

LIGHTSUM’s Jian expressed her honest feelings about leaving the group through a handwritten letter. Previously, CUBE Entertainment announced that members Huiyeon and Jian would leave the group, making the team a six-member group. Below is the translation of her handwritten letter.

Hello SUMIT! It’s Jian. I know you all were surprised by the sudden news…I’ve been thinking about how to tell my fans, so I am trying to convey my feelings through this letter. I debuted with LIGHTSUM in middle school and began high school after some time. Thanks to SUMIT, I was able to experience so many things and grow and receive all this love.

I don’t think I will ever be able to forget the fans that came from afar to see us, the fans that came rain or shine, the fans that sent messages of support, fans that supported me through video calls and letters. Of course, there were times when it was hard, but thanks to SUMIT, I could bear it all. And now, a year and four months later, I have become a stronger person.

I don’t think this is the end. I will not give up on my dream and will continue to go forward, and I believe that day will come when I can meet you all again. I know you are worried about me, but I hope that SUMITS won’t be sad because of this. Thank you so much for creating unforgettable, beautiful, happy memories with me. I will never forget you all, so please don’t think this is the end. Thanks again to SUMIT for loving me all this time, and please support me in the future too!

Source: namu news
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