Former MONSTA X Member Wonho Joins Starship’s Highline Entertainment As A Soloist

He is returning to the industry.

Former MONSTA X member Wonho has joined Starship Entertainment‘s subsidiary company Highline Entertainment as a soloist.

Highline Entertainment released a statement to the media today, April 10, about Wonho’s new start as an artist.

We recently signed an exclusive contract with Wonho. We will provide our full support to Wonho so he can perform his new activities as a solo artist.

Wonho has shown talent in writing, composing, and producing using his attractive mask and his distinct voice. He will start anew as a soloist and producer.

— Highline Entertainment

Wonho also released a personal statement through Highline Entertainment, promising he will do his best.

I have deeply reflected on my foolish and rash behavior from my past. I really want to thank the fans for giving me this opportunity and I will do my best to repay their support.

— Wonho

Highline Entertainment is a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment, and currently is home to DJ Soda, producer dress, and PLUMA.

Wonho left MONSTA X in October 2019 following accusations made against him by Jung Da Eun. MONBEBE continued to protest to keep Wonho in the group, and Wonho personally opened up about all of the accusations made against him.

Source: TV Report