Former Nine Muses Member Sera Was Demoted As Leader For Crying About Performing In Garter Belts

She broke down.

On the first episode of the much-anticipated variety show, MBN‘s Miss Back, former Nine Muses member, Sera detailed what led to her getting demoted as the leader of the group.

Sera started off by expressing that the world changed a lot since her time, but that when she was an idol, she had to do whatever the agencies asked no problem.


So when her agency told the group to wear garter belts, they had no choice but to obey.

When we had our first performance, our agency told us to put on garter belts.

— Sera

But once she and her fellow members put on the garter belts, Sera broke down in tears.

I didn’t even know what garter belts were at the time. I thought it was a four-character idiom or something. When I saw myself in the mirror, I teared up. And when I saw my younger members in high school wearing it, I couldn’t control my emotions.

— Sera

Sera couldn’t hold back her tears during the performance, causing them to halt filming multiple times.


And according to Sera, she was demoted as a leader after that incident.

Sera, who was loved for her impressive vocal ability and special charms, later left the group in 2014.

Check out the full clip of the devastating confession below:

Source: Insight