Former PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung Features In A Song Praising The Chinese Communist Party

She sings, “The Community Party is dedicated to helping China.”

Former PRISTIN member Kyulkyung has featured in a Chinese music video for a song produced to support the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Former PRISTIN member Kyulkyung | @zhou_jieqiong1216/Instagram

The song, titled “Without The Chinese Community Party, There’s No People’s Republic Of China,” praises the party for “[helping] China” and “[changing] people’s lives for the better.”

Without the Chinese Community Party,
there’s no People’s Republic of China
Without the Chinese Community Party,
there’s no People’s Republic of China
The Community Party works hard for the people.
The Community Party is dedicated to helping China.
He pointed people to the path of liberation.
He led China towards a promising future.
He persevered in a battle for over 8 years.
He changed the people’s lives for the better.
He built a base after the war.
He practices democracy, bringing many benefits.

— Lyrics to “There’s No New China Without The Communist Party”

In the official music video released by Iqiyi — a Chinese online video platform — and shared via Weibo, Kyulkyung can be seen singing the song alongside other Chinese celebrities.

| Iqiyi

Kyulkyung debuted in Korea as part of I.O.I through the first season of PRODUCE 101. After I.O.I’s disbandment, she debuted again as part of the girl group PRISTIN. Then, shortly after PRISTIN disbanded in May 2019, Kyulkyung requested to terminate her contract with her Korean agency, PLEDIS Entertainment, against whom she has been in legal battle since. Post her departure from the agency, Kyulkyung has been active mainly in China.

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