Former PRISTIN Members’ Group HINAPIA Has Officially Disbanded

It’s the 2nd disbandment for 4 of the members.

HINAPIA, which contains 4 former PRISTIN members, has officially disbanded.

OSR Entertainment confirmed the news in their fancafe post.

Hello, this is OSR Entertainment.

We would like to apologize for bringing bad news to the fans who have always been sending their love to HINAPIA.

HINAPIA will disband, and our contracts with the members have been terminated.

We had many discussions with the members, and both sides determined that it would be better for the group to disband and the members’ contracts to be terminated.

In the future, the HINAPIA members will be active in various fields, and we would like to ask for your support for their new start.

We would like to apologize to all of the people who have loved and supported HINAPIA.

— OSR Entertainment

Earlier in the year, many fans were concerned after the group’s social media accounts suddenly went silent following months of consistent updates.