Former “Produce X 101” Contestant Kim Mingyu Stuns Netizens With His Recent Visuals

“Whoa, he looks even better now.”

Produce X 101, the popular idol survival competition program, aired its final episode in 2019 after narrowing 101 contestants down to the top 11 trainees who would form the boy group X1.

Among the final top 20 trainees on the show was Kim Mingyu, an 18-year-old trainee under Jellyfish Entertainment who became well-beloved for working hard to improve his skills throughout the competition.

He was ultimately eliminated in the final episode, narrowly missing a chance to debut with X1 after ranking in 12th place during the finale.

Kim Mingyu promoting as a “Produce X 101” contestant.

While on the show, Kim Mingyu earned attention for his handsome visuals. He drew comparisons to numerous stunning male idols during the competition, including ASTRO‘s Cha EunwooBTS‘s JinCIX‘s Bae JinyoungVIXX‘s Nand more.

A photo of Kim Mingyu that went viral after drawing comparisons to BTS’s Jin | JTBC

While he didn’t end up in the show’s debut line-up, his appearance on Produce X 101 garnered interest from companies who began to sign the rising star for endorsement deals.

He has since hosted three television programs and began a career in acting, appearing in the K-Drama IDOL: The Coup and web dramas. His latest role was in the 2022 Netflix K-Drama The Fabulous.

Kim Mingyu in “IDOL: The Coup” (2021) | JTBC

It’s been four years since Produce X 101 was on the air, and recently, a netizen on a popular Korean online community board posted current pictures of Kim Mingyu, now almost 22 years old, stunning fellow netizens with his recent visuals.

Kim Mingyu was undoubtedly handsome when he appeared on the competition show, and his visuals continued to increase over the last four years.

Kim Mingyu in 2023 | @kimminkyu_0312/Instagram 
| @kimminkyu_0312/Instagram
| @kimminkyu_0312/Instagram

Kim Mingyu shows his striking duality on his personal Instagram page, going from actor and idol-like visuals to boy-next-door and “boyfriend material” charm in magazine-worthy photos.

| @kimminkyu_0312/Instagram
| @kimminkyu_0312/Instagram
| @kimminkyu_0312/Instagram

Netizens reacted to his current visuals from his Instagram, urging others to check out his mature transformation.

| Instiz
  • “Wow… F*cking good-looking, seriously.”
  • “Whoa, he looks even better now.”
  • “I wonder what he’s up to these days.”
  • “I watched The Fabulous not too long ago… And I was mind blown by how good-looking this man is.”
  • “His Instagram is like a gold mine. Everyone go check it out!”

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Source: Instiz
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