Former Produce X 101 Contestant Yoon Seobin Apologizes For His Past Actions

He has released an apology.

Former Produce X 101 Contestant and ex-JYP Entertainment Yoon Seobin has released an apology concerning his bully past.

I apologize. It is that I partied in high school and am reflecting a lot about my past actions. I apologize to JYP Entertainment and the staff and production team of Produce X 101 that suffered because of this.

– Yoon Seobin

Photos of Yoon Seobin surfaced after his appearance on Produce X 101 that show him drinking and smoking in his school uniform. Old schoolmates of the male have spoken up about his delinquent past.

They also commented that Yoon Seobin’s name was previously Yoon Byung Hwi. Yoon Seobin confirmed that he did change his name, but not to hide his troublemaker past.

I changed my name because it was hard to pronounce. Also, my parents went to a Korean fortune teller who told them that the name was bad luck.

He also revealed that he was signed with another agency before JYP Entertainment, which fans have discovered to be SM Entertainment.

I was signed as a trainee at a different agency during my second year of high school, but I quit because it got difficult to travel from Gwangju to Seoul.

Yoon Seobin repeatedly apologizes for his past actions. He says that he is no longer in Seoul but back in Gwangju and can’t get himself to do anything other than stay at home.

I sincerely apologize. It’s wrong of me to have caused this situation, no matter the circumstances. I apologize for creating such a controversy even when I’m only a trainee. I’m in back in my hometown now, and I can’t get myself to go on the internet or meet up with anyone. I’m thinking about what I can do now, since I know the public will not see me in a good light no matter what. I can’t get myself to do anything. Once again, I apologize to everyone.