Former Produce X 101 Trainee Yoon Seobin Could Have Debuted As An NCT Member

He used to be an SM Entertainment trainee.

It has been revealed that before Produce X 101 contestant Yoon Seobin joined JYP Entertainment, he had trained under SM Entertainment during his second year of high school after he was cast by the company.

Fans have recovered a photo of SM Entertainment trainees attending an EXO concert last April of 2018. Upon further inspections, fans were able to confirm that Seobin was one of the masked trainees attending the concert.

Upon further inspections, fans were able to find similar features between the trainee in the photo and Yoon Seobin. This only further proves that it is in fact Yoon Seobin.

From the trainees who attended the concert with him, quite a few have debuted. Jungwoo and Lucas were both SMROOKIES during this time, but both have made their debut in NCT U. Jungwoo is also part of NCT 127 while Lucas is active in China as a member of WayV, NCT’s China unit.

Additionally, WayV‘s Hendery and Yangyang are also in attendance.

Seeing that he was with a group of trainees who eventually made their debut, netizens believe that he could have debuted as an NCT member if he had chosen to remain with SM Entertainment.

Seobin is currently competing in Mnet’s Produce X 101. While he is receiving love for his outstanding visual, he has also received backlash for his alleged bully past, which was confirmed when JYP Entertainment kicked him out of the company.