This JYP Trainee Is Receiving Love From Korean Netizens For His Outstanding Visual

Netizens are already making him their #1 pick.

Produce X 101 just premiered its first episode and one trainee has already stolen the hearts of the National Producers. That trainee is JYP Entertainment‘s Yoon Seobin.

Yoon Seobin is a 21-year-old trainee under JYP Entertainment. During the first episode, he ranked #12.

He successfully caught netizens eyes, and they can’t stop gushing over his handsome visuals!

  • “JYP’s trainee is my pick.”
  • “Oh… that person from JYP is handsome.”
  • “Yoon Seobin is so good looking.”
  • “Yoon Seobin is so handsome. Kim Wooseok and his eyes shine.”
  • “He’s really charming.”
  • “Yoon Seobin is so cool!”

His appearance was a shock after YG Entertainment revealed their trainees will also compete on the show. Many were surprised to hear that two out of the Big 3 have sent their trainees to compete.

  • “From YG to JYP… Looks like the show will have a bigger impact this time.”
  • “But the YG trainees are a bit… meh.”
  • “For YG, you won’t hear this much good words.”

His reevaluation grade is reported to be an X. The X has replaced the F grade, which means he will be training with just the other X trainees and will not be training in the training center with the other trainees.

To keep up with the show, Produce X 101 airs every Friday on Mnet, 11 PM KST.

Source: Naver