Former Rainbow Member Jisook Announces Marriage To Lee Doo Hee

Congratulations to the couple!

Former Rainbow member Jisook has announced she will be getting married to Lee Doo Hee in October.

Yesterday, Lee Doo Hee and Jisook surprised fans on the last episode of Season 1 for MBC‘s couple variety show Real Love Story, announcing their wedding news. They mentioned that they shared the news to both of their parents on Parent’s Day, and started looking into wedding preparations from then. However, venues were completely booked as couples rushed to secure their spots in wedding halls after being unable to hold weddings earlier in the year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now, Jisook’s agency has confirmed the wedding will be taking place in October.

Hello, this is Starit-ENT.

We would like to share some good news about Jisook today.

Jisook and her fiancé Lee Doo Hee will get getting married in October.

They are preparing for their marriage, and will go through the process step by step.

We ask for your warm blessings for Jisook’s future, as she is about to embark on her new beginnings.

We will do our best to return all of the love and support you have provided.

Thank you.

Jisook and Lee Doo Hee met through acquaintances and revealed their relationship in October 2019. Back when their relationship was first revealed, Jisook’s agency denied they were getting married. Once they joined Real Love Story, viewers became enamored with the couple’s realistic lifestyle and the couple’s sweet affection for each other.

Source: Newsen