Alleged Girlfriend Of Ravn Releases Statement Following His Cheating And Gaslighting Allegations

The allegations were spread earlier this year.

In October of 2022, shocking allegations revolving around the now-former member of ONEUSRavn, were spread by an anonymous account claiming to be an ex-girlfriend.


In a multiple-tweet Twitter thread, the anonymous user shared their alleged dating experience with the singer, stating that he cheated on the user multiple times and gaslit her into staying with him and using her money on him.

The user also included some proof of her claims, including sound files and a video clip of Ravn allegedly waiting outside her door on multiple occasions.

A video posted by the OP allegedly showing Ravn waiting outside her door on multiple occasions over the course of several months. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter


Following these claims, ONEUS’s label RBW initially stated they would be looking into the matter before Ravn decided to withdraw from the group on his own. RBW also stated they would continue to investigate the allegations.

Besides Ravn’s withdrawal, we have discovered false facts and malicious editing in articles related to Ravn as we plan to reveal the clear facts through litigation. In addition, strong legal action will be taken against indiscriminate and malicious slander against the company and the artists. Regardless of whether the post was true, we also feel responsible for the lack of artist management.


Part of the accusations presented by the ex-girlfriend also included accusations about another alleged girlfriend of Ravn, LHY. The anonymous user stated that LHY allegedly harassed her and continually attempted to expose her alleged own relationship with Ravn through lovestagrams on her Instagram account.

Alleged lovestagrams between LHY and Ravn shared by OP. | @oAKjan3BvAJjqld/Twitter

While she did not initially share her own version of events, LHY recently released her own statement regarding the allegations through her Instagram account.

Hello, I am Lee Haeun. I thought it would be okay if I stayed still after the rumor happened. But I’m bringing it up because it’s getting worse and keep making another rumors. I can’t believe that there are still people who think that the rumor is true. I am a victim. The writer who wrote the lies, distributed my person information and mentioned me with a mixture of lies and speculation.

— Lee Haeun

In addition to this statement, Lee Haeun also said they will be pursuing legal action against the accuser if she “does not apologize or take appropriate measures.”

Also since the damage caused by the disclosure continues, I think I will have no choice but to take legal action if the writer does not apologize or take appropriate measures. From now on, we will also file a simultaneous complain against comments, malicious comments, and rumors.

— Lee Haeun

Lee Haeun’s statement | Lee Haeun

Ravn nor RBW have released statements regarding these allegations since he departed the group.

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