Former SM Entertainment Trainees Show Their Support For aespa’s Solo Concert

They remained friends even after leaving the company.

Girl group aespa recently concluded their first solo concert, SYNK: HYPER LINE. The concert was a major success with the unveiling of new tracks and solo performances. While SM Entertainment idols went to show their support, some very special friends of aespa also were in attendance.

Former SM Entertainment girl group trainees were present at the concert. Thai trainee, Pru, made sure to show her love. She posted some Instagram Stories of her and the other trainees enjoying the show.

| @prupattypeach/Instagram

Five trainees were in attendance, and they are known to be close with a few members of aespa. Longtime trainee Goeun was present, as were Yejin, Sera, the aforementioned Pru, and Jeongmin.

Back row L to R: Yejin, Sera, Goeun, Jeongmin, Pru. | @aeoinnn/Instagram

Pru also uploaded solo shots with the NingNing and Karina.

| @prupattypeach/Instagram
| @prupattypeach/Instagram

Not only at their concert, but former trainee Sera has not been shy about showing her love for her friends, consistently gushing about the friendship on Instagram.

It seems like the switch in career did not deter the trainees from staying close friends!


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