Former Stellar Member Gayoung Is Shocked By Her DMs After Appearing On MBN’s “Miss Back”

“I thought I logged into someone else’s Instagram account…” — Gayoung

Former Stellar Member, Gayoung recently appeared on MBN‘s Miss Back where she opened up about the hardships she endured after being forced into the sexy concept.

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On the show, she revealed the details behind how their agency forced them to do things they weren’t comfortable with and the sexual harssment messages and inappropriate photos she received via DM as a result.

But the revelations on the show must’ve turned everything around because Gayoung shared that she was shocked when she read her DMs again after the show.

I went into my DMs after a long time, and I was absolutely shocked… I thought I logged on to someone else’s Instagram account…

— Gayoung

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She then went on to reveal just how much support she’s been getting from fans and how touched she is.

People are sending me positive photos as if they’re telling me to only see the good things from now on, and so many people are sending me messages of support… I teared up… There are so many warm people in this world.

— Gayoung

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Gayoung was so touched that she sincerely thanked everyone for their warm messages.

I really want to thank each and one of you personally, but I’m sorry that I can’t… But I hope you know that all of your messages gave me a lot of strength. I’ll work harder from now on so that I can repay you for your support. I’ll become someone who can motivate others! Thank you so much.

— Gayoung

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It was revealed on MBN’s Miss Back that because Gayoung was forced into wearing revealing outfits, she still wears long and dark clothing even on the hottest days of the year.

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Hopefully, this will be help Gayoung move on from her traumatic past and get the fresh start that she deserves.

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오랜만에 DM함에 들어갔다가 깜짝 놀랐네요.. 제 인스타가 아닌 줄 알았어요.. 이제는 좋은 것만 보라며, 예쁜 것만 보라며 예쁜 사진 보내주시고 진심 가득한 응원 메세지 보내주신 분들이 너무 많아서,, 정말 울컥했어요..🥺 세상엔 참 따뜻하고 좋은 분들이 많네요 ㅜㅜ 한분 한분께 감사인사 드리고 싶은데 그러지 못해서 정말 죄송해요,, 하지만 여러분 메세지 하나하나가 정말 저에게 큰 힘이 되었다는거 꼭 알아주셨으면 좋겠어요 🙏🏻 앞으로 많은 분들의 소중한 응원에 보답할 수 있게 더 열심히 살게요!!! 그래서 저 또한 누군가에게 힘이 되는 사람이 될게요! 정말 진심으로 감사합니다💗 / / 👗 @grace_u_official #협찬 #그레이스유 #GraceU #ootd

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