Former Super Junior Member Kangin Resurfaces In Live Broadcast 1 Year After His Controversial Withdrawal From The Group

It’s been 1 year since Kangin has shown his face.

Former Super Junior Member, Kangin showed his face for the first time in 1 year after his controversial withdrawal from the group for a drunk hit-and-run and assault.


1 year following the ordeal, Kangin turned on his live broadcast for the first time and greeted his fans.

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He showed up looking sleek with dark hair and a dark top.

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It had been such a long time since he’d shown his face that fans showered him with affection as soon as he turned on the broadcast.

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After silently reading the comments, he waved his hand and greeted his fans.

I turned on the broadcast to say hi to you for the first time in a long time. Be well. Sleep tight.

— Kangin

| @kanginnim/Instagram

He then concluded his short broadcast with a goodbye.

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Kangin withdrew from Super Junior last year on July 14 due to his controversies surrounding a drunk hit-and-run and assaulting his girlfriend following an assault case that took place in 2009.

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