Where Is He Now? Former Trainee A Member Yorch Yongsin’s Future As A K-Pop Idol Is Revealed

The Thai star was already known before his time in “Trainee A!”

In 2021, netizens discovered a YouTube channel named “Trainee A.” After looking at some of the videos, it became clear that the boys were training in the old BigHit Entertainment building and must be the newest BIGHIT MUSIC trainees. Sadly, at the end of 2022, it was announced that the team had disbanded.

The members of “Trainee A” except Leo | @_trainee_a/Instagram

Among the trainees was Yorch Yongsin, a Thai star who was already well-known to many fans worldwide. Yorch debuted at age ten and is an experienced actor in Thailand and very well-known for his work.

Yorch gained fame through the series Tong Neu Gao where he played the 12-year-old version of the main character Wanchalerm. Since then, he has starred in countless films and television series during his career and could even be counted as a veteran actor.

Yorch Yongsin | @traineatwt/Twitter
| @yorch_yongsin/Instagram

Despite being an actor, Yorch quickly cemented that being an idol was his destiny, as he showcased talent in singing and dancing alongside his obvious visuals and charm.


Luckily, it seems like Yorch never gave up his passion for singing. In April 2023, he released a beautiful song called “Seven,” and it really showcased just how beautiful his vocals are and his ability to tell a story through the lyrics.

| Yorch Entertainment/YouTube
| Yorch Entertainment/YouTube 

It unsurprisingly made netizens very emotional, as many believed the “Seven” alluded to the original number of members Trainee A had but also showed just how sad it was that Yorch was unable to debut.

Yet, while Yorch has been making music, it seems like his dream to be a K-Pop idol has only just begun.

On July 10, it was announced through various media outlets that a new K-Pop company called GRID Entertainment was planning to debut a new group. In the statement, the company revealed they had signed an exclusive contract with the Thai star and already had big plans for him in the second half of the year.

We plan on showcasing a new boy band, including Yorchi. We are currently preparing to meet our global fans.

— Grid Entertainment

The new building for GRID Entertainment

While the company also revealed that it had acquired 131 Label, a hip-hop label and entertainment agency established by K-Pop soloist B.I in 2018, it seems like more information on Yorch’s future will be revealed soon.

Starting with Yorchi, we will also reveal a variety of information regarding the members of the upcoming boy band, including the name of the band.

— Grid Entertainment

While there isn’t any information about who could possibly be debuting with Yorch, netizens spotted some trainees at B.I’s recent show and believed they might be the trainees alongside Yorch.

Many netizens can’t wait to finally see Yorch debut, and hopefully, it’s sooner rather than later because many are anticipating just how much he will allow his talent to shine.

You can read more about Yorch’s journey to become an idol below.

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Source: Koreajoongangdaily

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