Former Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin Further Angers Fans With Handwritten Apology

Fans are outraged.

Former Wanna One‘s Lai Guanlin is currently under fire for smoking and spitting on the streets, which was captured on camera and posted on social media.

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While Lai Guanlin issued an apology for his behavior, a fan sight even exposed an alleged girlfriend of his out of anger.

Shortly afterward, Lai Guanlin posted an official apology on his Weibo account, but fans are angered by the content.

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Lai Guanlin began his letter by promising to use proper punctuation to show his sincerity.

Hi everyone, I’m Lai Guanlin. In order to better reflect on myself through this statement, I will use proper punctuation to show my sincerity.

— Lai Guanlin

He then went on to apologize for his behavior and for hurting those who love him.

I’m deeply sorry for hurting those who love me with everything that happened today. I should hold myself to high standards even in places where no one can see me.

— Lai Guanlin

He acknowledged his wrongdoing and promised to change in the future.

To have done something so inappropriate, it’s something that I need to change and make improvements on. I’ll bear this in mind, repent and change. I’m sorry to all the fans who like me as well as my family.

— Lai Guanlin


But in addition to his apology, Lai Guanlin even added in the letter that he has good news to share regarding his private life in the near future.

As for my private life, if there’s good news, I’ll for sure let everyone know right away. But at this point in my life, I want to make my career a priority and work hard.

— Lai Guanlin

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He concluded with yet another pledge to reflect upon his actions, but fans were not happy.

One fan criticized Lai Guanlin for using improper punctuation anyway.

“The punctuation is wrong though!”

— Fan

Meanwhile, other fans made assumptions that his good news must be related to getting married or having children.

  • “You should go study.
  • “What good news? Having a son?”
  • “We don’t need good news.”

Another fan expressed their deep disappointment as a long-time and devoted fan of Lai Guanlin.

Are you awake? How can you do this to us? How can you do this to yourself? I’m the same age as you. I’ve liked you from high school to university. You’ve always been the light in my life.

— Fan

And despite their loyalty to him as a fan, not even they’re sure they can continue being his fan.

Honestly I can accept anything, but you don’t care about your career…I don’t know how to continue liking you.

— Fan

Regardless, the fan left a few words of advice for Lai Guanlin.

Cherish the fans who are staying by your side this time. Remember your roots. These are my last words of blessing for you.

— Fan


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