Former WA$$UP (WASSUP) Member Jiae Claps Back At Netizens Who Hate On Her Sexuality

“You can think of me as abnormal. It’s not my problem.”

Former WA$$UP (also known as WASSUP) member Jiae is letting netizens know that malicious comments will not be tolerated on her social media accounts. The former girl group member uploaded a firm message to all of her haters on her Instagram story. In particular, she called out all of the netizens who had negative things to say about her sexuality.

Jiae | @ji.aee/Instagram

Jiae shared two story uploads that contained strong warnings against all those who continue to maliciously comment on her bisexuality. The first Instagram story featured a Dispatch news article that shared the headline, “I will sue you immediately.” The former WA$$UP member captioned this post with:

| @ji.aee/Instagram

You can hate bisexuality, you can hate homosexuality. Just don’t tell me what to do with my own body…I’m not saying that I’m going to sue people who don’t support the LGBT community…please just stop talking about my body and talk about your own bodies…that’s it. Don’t corner me and call me a sinner, please.

— Jiae @ji.aee/Instagram

She followed up that post with another story, telling all of the haters who think she’s “abnormal” to back off.

| @ji.aee/Instagram

Sure, you can think of me as abnormal. It’s not my problem. To you, it may seem abnormal but to those around me, it’s similar to mint chocolate chip fans vs. mint chocolate chip haters. So if you don’t like it, don’t view my posts and don’t think about me. It’s my personal life. If you were going to be like this, why didn’t you do this when I was promoting in a girl group. Why are you all coming at me now.

— Jiae @ji.aee/Instagram

Back in 2020, Jiae revealed to the world that she was bisexual — and that she was happily in a relationship with a woman. While the exciting news was warmly embraced by many, it seems that the former girl group member has had her share of malicious comments based on her most recent Instagram stories.

Jiae and her girlfriend | @ji.aee/Instagram

In related news, Jiae has been posting more frequently on her YouTube channel JIAE TV, where she shows off her powerful vocals through different song covers. Be sure to check out her latest video down below!

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