Filipina Actress Francine Diaz Received A Shoutout From “All of Us Are Dead” Star Yoon Chan Young And Now We’re All Jealous

Sana all 😭

Have you ever experienced being a lucky fan? Filipina actress Francine Diaz can boast of this in regards to Yoon Chan Young, the star of the hottest Netflix show at the moment, All of Us Are Dead.

Yoon Chan Young | Netflix

The actor who played Lee Cheong San in the K-Drama noticed Francine through Instagram. Though it’s not certain who started the conversation, he was seen giving her a simple waving hand sign emoji through a private message. She reacted to it with a heart and noted just how unexpected—but welcome—his attention was.

This’ll be the death of me! Cheong San!!! I love you!!!

— Francine Diaz

This wasn’t the last time Francine posted about the South Korean actor on her public accounts. She later shared his selfie on her Instagram Stories along with a red heart.

She also took to Twitter to say, “I’m only allowing Cheong San to seen-zone me,” referring to the fact that their conversation might not have been any longer than the emoji that he had sent.

Francine herself is famous in the Philippines for her acting, starring in shows such as MMKKadenang Ginto, and Huwag Kang Mangamba.

Francine Diaz | @francinesdiaz/Instagram

Besides Yoon Chan Young, she also wants to meet Ham Sung Min who played Han Gyeong Su in All of Us Are Dead, saying, “Such a great person, hoping to meet you soon.” With her lucky track record, a shoutout just might be in the cards!

Source: Instagram

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